Simple zone devices?

______________________________________________________________________ Hello I just installed a new thermostat “RiteTemp Model 8082C” in the bottom story of my home. I was wondering if there is some kind of an adaptor or sensor that I can add to it that will read Continue reading Simple zone devices?

Heat pump operation

______________________________________________________________________ I am really confused on my first experience with a heat pump. It is 20 degrees outside, therm set on 68 degrees. The blower on the unit continues to run. I have it on “norm”. If I turn the Continue reading Heat pump operation

Aux Heat Does Not Go On in Defrost Mode

______________________________________________________________________ My Aux heat does not go on when my unit kicks into defrost mode. Someone told me that other then the house getting cool for a few minutes that it is probally cheaper with the unit running this way. Continue reading Aux Heat Does Not Go On in Defrost Mode

Pilot light won’t stay lit

______________________________________________________________________ My furnace works great…except the pilot light will not stay lit. When the furnace kicks off, it does too. I have a Heil furnace. It has 3 burners. The two outer ones burn a smooth flame. The middle one, Continue reading Pilot light won’t stay lit

simple thermostat wiring question

______________________________________________________________________ I am a homeowner installing a new thermostat. The old thermostat had four wires – RH, Y, G, and W – easy enough – and there was a fifth wire emerging from the wall that was not connected. Can Continue reading simple thermostat wiring question

floor vs wall vents

______________________________________________________________________ Help building new home crawl space…What are some of the pros cons of vents in floor versus wall. I’m in need of some solid facts Help!!!!!!! I’m needing info on pros and cons of floor versus wall…noise cost…problems…savings on Continue reading floor vs wall vents

Condenser fan motor running continuously…..

22:28 ______________________________________________________________________ A few weeks ago, we had our roof reshingled. During the work, one of the workers shot a shingle nail into the decking — unfortunately, the A/C freon lines were right underneath and the nail pierced one of Continue reading Condenser fan motor running continuously…..

Autoswitch and Heat to 68

______________________________________________________________________ I currently have a “Robert Shaw” digital thermostat that controls my heating and a/c. As the seasons change, I have to manually switch between heat and cool and change the temperature setting. In heating season I set it at Continue reading Autoswitch and Heat to 68

Return Air Filters…

______________________________________________________________________ I have a 5 ton geothermal heat pump at my 3 story, 3900 sq ft residence. I currently have a filter (20x20x1) at each return air duct on each floor (3 total) AND I have a 32x25x2 filter (2 Continue reading Return Air Filters…

Blower fan always on when powered up.

______________________________________________________________________ I have a carrier super saver furnace. I shut it off to tighten up some loose bolts on the inducer fan motor. I also cleaned the motor up a little with some WD40. After turning the unit back on, Continue reading Blower fan always on when powered up.