“service manuals” , posted Sat 12 Nov 11:29 ______________________________________________________________________ where can i find serv. man’s for Lennox gas furnaces? series G24 & G26 Replies: Tinmantu “Re(1):service manuals” , posted Sat 12 Nov 16:11: ______________________________________________________________________ http://www.gogeisel.com/geiselonline/support/homeowner_manuals.html Not a service manual but this is the most info you will find online….if someone has more, I would like a link. [this message was edited by Tinmantu on Sat 12 Nov 16:14]

Humidifier Problems-HE360

______________________________________________________________________ Just installed a HE360 Honeywell Humidifier onto an 90’s Trane Model TCU AHU/Furnace. I have no literature on the TCU control wiring but at the control board there is what I thought were 24vac connections for thermostat wiring. I Continue reading Humidifier Problems-HE360

Day & Night Plus 80

______________________________________________________________________ Ive moved into a home that has an 8 year old Day & Night Plus 80 gas furnace. The furnace fires up but just before the blower switches on, the flames shut off. I had it serviced by my Continue reading Day & Night Plus 80

Older Furnace question

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Climatrol Gas Furnace/Central Air unit. Model # is: 750-1-201-7. The unit worked great in the summer for a/c but now there are some problems with the heat. This furnace is probably from the late 70’s. When Continue reading Older Furnace question

Ruud Furnace

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Ruud Silhouette II Gas Furnace hanging from garage ceiling. The only way it starts is if you hit the fan unit. FYI: When the furnace is not running, the fan is running counter clockwise. When you Continue reading Ruud Furnace

Ruud Deluxe 80 plus manuals/wiring diagrams

08:43 ______________________________________________________________________ Does anybody have these in PDF or some other electronic format? Replies: shank “Re(1):Ruud Deluxe 80 plus manuals/wiring diag” , posted Wed 16 Nov 22:25 ______________________________________________________________________ Give me a model # and an email adress and I can Continue reading Ruud Deluxe 80 plus manuals/wiring diagrams

Should vents shoot towards windows?

______________________________________________________________________ This is mostly out of curiosity. I’ve noticed that ceiling vents of air ducts are installed pointed so that they shoot mostly towards exterior walls, which involves most of the time directly towards windows making them fog and sometimes Continue reading Should vents shoot towards windows?

heat exchanger inspection

______________________________________________________________________ How does a serviceman check a heat exchanger? And if it is partialy blocked where does this normaly happen? Thank You JPG Replies: acefurnacefixer “Re(1):heat exchanger inspection” , posted Fri 18 Nov 06:45 ______________________________________________________________________ A sure sign of a Continue reading heat exchanger inspection

Too many registers? Goodman GMS9/GSC9

______________________________________________________________________ I recently moved into a one level condo and a Goodman gas fired furnace is installed. The condo unit is fairly large with air intake registers in every room. In addition to the standard registers there is a large Continue reading Too many registers? Goodman GMS9/GSC9

Fan dead Amana Heat Pump

______________________________________________________________________ I have a new Amana Heat Pump (2 months old) and the fan died. Put in a new fan and control board. Still dead. Fan will not turn on even when thermostat is on fan. Heat pump runs fine. Continue reading Fan dead Amana Heat Pump