Intertherm AC/Heat help needed

______________________________________________________________________ Greetings everyone! I’ve got an Intertherm AC/Heating unit, model E2EB-015HA, and a week and a half ago smelled what seemed like burning when the A/C kicked on. I immediately shut the thermostat off, and went to look for the smell. I thought it was my blower motor that had burnt out. So I ordered a new replacement (blower p/n 902993), and installed that on Saturday. The motor works fine, but apparently that wasn’t the problem. There are heating coils below the blower motor that apparently are coming on whenever they want, even when the thermostat is in the “cool” position. (The heating coils heating up for the first time in months is apparently the light burning smell I was smelling). The coils will cycle on and off every 20 seconds or so, when the unit has power. Any idea what this could be? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! 🙂 [this message was edited by IamDrunk on Mon 10 Sep 11:53] Replies: jmitschke “Re(1):Intertherm AC/Heat help needed” , posted Mon 10 Sep 21:02 ______________________________________________________________________ Hey, you need to replace the three pole sequencer mounted to the left of the breakers behind the metal cover. Th blower running and shutting off is a good thing…but your electric bill might be a killer. What happened is the evaporator coil sits on top of the electric heater. The coil is dirty or the drainline stopped up…making water drip onto the top of the blower and gravity does the rest.The wiring might be burnt, so replace if needed…john,austin,texas 341 “Re(1):Intertherm AC/Heat help needed” , posted Mon 10 Sep 20:42 ______________________________________________________________________ Can you verify if the thermostat is sending 24V to the furnace down the W wire? You may have a faulty thermostat. If you disconnect the W wire from the furnace and it stops the cycling then I would replace the thermostat. If it doesn’t I would look at the board as possibly being faulty. IamDrunk “Re(2):Intertherm AC/Heat help needed” , posted Tue 11 Sep 08:58 ______________________________________________________________________ Thanks for the replies guys! I got word earlier yesterday that the thermostat could be at fault, so I replaced that, and it continued doing the same thing. I’ll check on the other stuff today (it might have to wait until I get back from Detroit Friday though).