Thermostat Wiring

16:58 ______________________________________________________________________ Appreciate your help: Main Issue…Would like to relace 3 Old Friedrich Themostats with 3 New Honeywell TH8321. Would also like to add one outdoor sensor to one to read outdoor temp reading. Is it possible to have outdoor remote (wireless) signal sent to this model TH8321 thermostat? Do you have to have outdoor temp (sensor) hooked up to take advantage of the humidity function of the Honeywell TH8321? If yes, can you wire just one outdoor probe to all three so as to not have to purchase 3 outdoor sensors? Are the 3 AAA batteries to power the thermostat needed or will the new TH8321 be able to recieve power from the existing (old)wires? I have 3 geothermal Heat Pumps with 2Heat / 1Cool (I think) 1) Friedrich Model No. 803048GUSSRTNON 2) FHP (Florida Heat Pump) Model No. HP GT036-1VTN 3) Friedrich Model No. 803-019GF Old Termostat: Friedrich PT. NO. AT-3823 3AAT82B3C1 30 volts A.C. 1.5 Amp. Old wires on Friedrich Thermostats: F-Green Y-Yellow W1-Black W2-Brown 5-White R-Red O-Orange -(Blue wire not connected) New Honeywell TH8321 “Heat Pump” Connections for 2H/1C on page 5 of the installation guide. L-Equip monitor (notes 6,7) E-Emer heat Relay (note 8) Aux-Aux heat relay (Heat 2) (note 8) Rc-Power (note 1) R-(R+Rc joined by jumper) O/B-Changeover valve (note 5) Y-Compressor relay G-Fan relay C-24VAC common (note 3) S1-Optional outdoor/remote senor S2-Optional outdoor/remote senor notes: 1) pwr supply. provide disconnect means & overload protection as required 3) Optional 24VAC common connection 5) O/B set to control either O or B in installer setup 6) If L terminal is used, 24VAC common (terminal C) must be connected) 7) Heat pump reset (powered continuosly when thermostat is set to Em. Heat; system monitor when set to Heat, Cool or Off). 8) Install field jumper between Aux & E terminals if there is no emergency heat relay. Again I greatly appreciate any help, especially with the wiring conversion. bludaylite Replies: Houston204 “Re(1):Thermostat Wiring, Old Friedrich to Vis” , posted Sat 28 Apr 14:11 ______________________________________________________________________ You should probably have that done for you. Found no diagram for that stat online so I cannot verify that white wire at 5. Suspect it may be common. bludaylite “Re(2):Thermostat Wiring, Old Friedrich to Vis” , posted Sat 28 Apr 14:55 ______________________________________________________________________ thanks for checking that