Hunter Thermostat & Rheem Heat Pump

______________________________________________________________________ I was going to install a Hunter 44428 programmable thermostat in my house but have some questions about how my current thermostat/heat pump is wired. I have a Rheem RBHK-21J14SFE air handler and a Honeywell TR8411R thermostat. The thermostat has wires connected to G, C, R, Y, E, & B. There is a jumper bar between W1 & Y and a jumper wire between W2 & E. I guess my first question involves the jumper bar between W1 & Y. The manual for the thermostat states that the “jumper should be removed for systems with separate heating compressor contactor (W1 separate from Y).” W1 and Y are indeed separate at my air handler. Should this bar have been removed? If so, should there be a wire connected to W1 at the ‘stat and the handler? At the air handler I have connections at the G, W1, Y, B, C, & R. There is a jumper wire between W1 & W2. The wire connected to E at the ‘stat is connected to W1 at the handler. With the way everything is hooked up it looks like both sets of my resistance heat coils are being activated whenever aux heat is called for or when I turn on emergency heat. In a system with two sets of coils shouldn’t one set be used for aux heat and both sets for emergency heat? Also, the manual for my handler states that there should be a jumper wire between W2 and E at the thermostat and W2 (‘stat) connected to W2 (handler). This seems to contradict what the “typical” wiring diagram shows (see next paragraph). The manual for my handler also shows a “typical” wiring diagram between the handler, outside unit, and thermostat. On this diagram W1 at the air handler is connected to E on the thermostat and W2 is connected to W2. There is no jumper shown between Y and W1 at the thermostat. Any ideas if I should try to connect the new thermostat up like the handler manual shows? I know this is a lot of questions all lumped in together but I want to make sure I get this right before I do anything else. Please let me know if any of this makes any sense or if you have any suggestions. Replies: xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Hunter Thermostat & Rheem Heat Pump” , posted Tue 6 Jan 20:17 ______________________________________________________________________ It can be confusing. W1 is first stage heat. Your furnace you may have a W1 and a W2 however just because the furnaces first stage heat is W1 its actually your systems second stage heating ( W2 on the thermostat ) since the heat pump is first stage heat. Second is there is also confusion behind the Emg heat switch. Emergency heat is not the addition of emergency heating but the disabling of the heat pump and running the Aux heating as first stage. Thats why E goes to W2 since when switched to emg the thermostat sends all the signals that were once sent to W1 will now be sent to E. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. cordy74 “Re(2):Hunter Thermostat & Rheem Heat Pump” , posted Thu 8 Jan 19:50 ______________________________________________________________________ I think I see what you are saying. W2 on the thermostat will probably be connected to W1 & W2 on the air handler (these are the circuits for the coils). So, if Y (on the thermostat and air handler) is the compressor and W1 (on the thermostat) is first stage heating, do Y & W1 neet to be tied together on the new thermostat like they are on the original? xenos Webmaster “Re(3):Hunter Thermostat & Rheem Heat Pump” , posted Thu 8 Jan 19:56 ______________________________________________________________________ Correct. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. cordy74 “Re(4):Hunter Thermostat & Rheem Heat Pump” , posted Fri 9 Jan 09:19 ______________________________________________________________________ Thanks for all of your help.