primary limit circuit open

______________________________________________________________________ I have a true blue quatro 90 furnace that is flashin a code for primary limit circuit open. the blower runs continuous but no heat can I reset tis circuit. Thanks for your help! Replies: yuri “Re(1):primary limit circuit open” , posted Tue 3 Apr 21:47 ______________________________________________________________________ Clean your air filters. Make sure all your vents are open and clean. Turn off power to furnace. Wait 2 minutes and turn it back on. If it still doesn’t work call a servictech to replace the faulty limit control. Good Luck Yuri static “Re(2):primary limit circuit open” , posted Wed 4 Apr 00:58 ______________________________________________________________________ Have the tech replace the piece of junk Quattro furnace while you’re at it. jason-hvac “Re(3):primary limit circuit open” , posted Wed 4 Apr 10:17 ______________________________________________________________________ hey static what furances do you like?? jason jason-hvac “Re(3):primary limit circuit open” , posted Wed 4 Apr 10:02 ______________________________________________________________________ yes!! junk!!! jason static “Re(4):primary limit circuit open” , posted Thu 5 Apr 00:47: ______________________________________________________________________ LOL I guess I do kinda describe a lot of equipment as junk on here, don’t I? I’m just having fun, and speaking my mind. I seriously do think Quattro (or anything Consolidated) is JUNK…that’s why they’re out of business I do like Carrier, ICP, Trane (I guess), Rheem, Lennox (to an extent, although they’re over-engineered and their wiring schematics SUCK!), and Goodman’s okay too…I guess. Mainly I call it JUNK because I think it’s funny. And I don’t hesitate to tell my customers in real life their furnace is JUNK either, just in a more subtle way. But Honestly I don’t care what the brand name is…it’s all JUNK! [this message was edited by static on Thu 5 Apr 00:53]