EGC-1 Heatcraft Board (Need Reset and LED)

19:13 ______________________________________________________________________ Have a Lennox furnace,… Board replaced last year to EGC-1. I need help…. At beginning of spring when heatpump kicks in the furnace needed to be reset. Now that I have a new board, I don’t know how to reset it. Also I don’t know the LED indicators….other board had manual….never received one when they installed it. Board has two LED….1st one is solid, 2nd one is blinking continuously. Please help! Replies: yuri “Re(1):EGC-1 Heatcraft Board (Need Reset and L” , posted Thu 15 Mar 19:58 ______________________________________________________________________ This board is specific to Lennox and without the description of what the code means it is very hard to help you. The board may not need resetting but there may be a problem with the furnace itself. Poor flame signal, pressure switch problem. I am a Lennox serviceman but would need a model # of the furnace to help. Try posting at this link: it is for Lennox problems. You may want to call a Lennox dealer or you may get pretty cold before you solve the problem over the internet. The furnace this board is in can be problematic (80MGF or G24). Sorry I don’t have the code as this board is several years old and has had a revision. Good Luck Yuri