Error code 33 and 13 on bryant 383KAV

______________________________________________________________________ I have a 5 year old braynt 383KAV heating and cooling system. The blower will not stop running and the heater will not lit. I get error code 33 and then 13. Looking up the code in the manual I try to correct as much as I can but was not able to correct b, c and f because I’m not sure what it is and where to find it. Can someone show me where to find the b)motor start capacitor c)open flame rollout switch, manual reset f)limit switch I would like to try to attemp these before calling for service. “code 33” – “LIMIT OR FLAME ROLLOUT SWITCH IS OPEN If limit switch is open longer than 3 minutes code changes to code NO. 13 Check for: a)Blower motor failure- seem OK b)motor start capacitor- not sure where it is c)open flame rollout switch, manual reset not sure where it is d)inadequate combustion air supply (flame rollout switch only) e)dirty air filter- filter was dirty replaced f)defective limit switch or connections- not sure where it is g)loose blower wheel” -seem OK Below is pic of my unit. Replies: guest “Re(1):Error code 33 and 13 on bryant 383KAV” , posted Wed 13 Feb 01:17: ______________________________________________________________________ hvacfixr although i posted this in the wrong spot i just want to say thanks you saved me the $ for an emergency service call. i looked all over and and finally gave up. i had called a hvac co (whom i just had out less than amonth ago)and was going to get jacked im sure. my problem was limited air flow b/c i had a ‘prefilter’ charcoal filter in the return vent to help capture pet dander and general smell well it had accumulated enough to restrict the air flow and trip the ALS. I reset the ALS and checked for conductivity and it was fine but i still had the error. Anyway thanks! if you are still active on this forum. trying humbly to aide 🙂 [this message was edited by guest on Wed 13 Feb 01:20] Houston204 “Re(1):Error code 33 and 13 on bryant 383KAV” , posted Sat 3 Feb 20:33 ______________________________________________________________________ Have you tried resetting power to the furnace? If it works you can eliminate manual reset limits. If it does not, try the red reset button at the opening between the induced draft motor and the vent pipe. The run cap seems unlikely but it’s strapped to the blower housing. hvacfixr “Re(1):Error code 33 and 13 on bryant 383KAV” , posted Sat 3 Feb 18:06 ______________________________________________________________________ I suspect the dirty air filter is the problem here and the high limit although should reset itself, will get stuck if opened/closed one to many times. First, put the bottom door on so the board gets power. Next, raise the t-stat so it is calling for heat. Now, with a screw driver you need to tap the high limit a few times to free the spring in the limit. Looking at your picture it is located directly behind the gas valve and below the ventor motor. The limit is a cream colour,aprox. size 2″x3″ and has two wires coming out of it. Don’t touch the two wires while tapping the cream part. This should help. Licenced Refrigeration Mech./Gas Tech. in Toronto Canada. kn6398 “Re(2):Error code 33 and 13 on bryant 383KAV” , posted Sat 3 Feb 20:30 ______________________________________________________________________ That fix the problem alright. I tabed it a couple of time and now my home is warm. I need to start replacing my filter every month intead of every 6month. I APPRECIATE YOUR HELP hvacfixr. THANKSSSSSSSSS..