AC Blower will not kick on

______________________________________________________________________ Everything seems to be working normal on my AC unit but the blower motor. I removed the lower panel on my furnace and made sure that the motor spun freely. There is no sign of the windings burning or heating up. The thermostat seems to be working fine. When I bypassed the door switch to check the outdoor compressor while I was inside looking at the blower, everything worked fine. I could even feel the cool air dropping down to where the blower motor is, but the motor won’t kick on. I removed the capacitor and that tested fine. Is it possible there is something wrong with the Control Board? Is there some kind of relay that that has to make up so that the motor kicks on? It just seems that there is nothing sending a signal to the motor feed to start up. The model of the circuit board is: THE GENERAL 90 Inter-City Products Model 50A50-110 Manufactured by White-Rodgers Replies: esquaredheating “Re(1):AC Blower will not kick on” , posted Thu 24 Aug 07:50 ______________________________________________________________________ Can you get the blower to come on by jumping the r and g terminals? Or, maybe just the fan switch on the t-stat… Service Manager “Re(2):AC Blower will not kick on” , posted Thu 24 Aug 09:36 ______________________________________________________________________ Trace the wires from the blower motor to see where they connect. If there is a black wire from the motor that is connected to a terminal on a board or a relay, thats probably your cool speed (high speed). Check voltage from ground to the black wire when the motor is supposed to be running (with t-stat calling for cool) and see if you are getting 120V. If not, its probably a bad board or relay. If you are getting 120V and motor still isnt comming on, you need a new motor.