Blower won’t stop! – another relay stuck?

______________________________________________________________________ I posted once this problem last year and I ca not find the original post any more. My problem is that the fan won’t stop when the thermostat at the “auto” position though the heating can be started and stopped normally controlled by the thermostat when it is at the auto position. I can play the switch from “cont” to “auto” to stop the fan only if the fan is running long enough (say more than ten minutes without heating). This problem comes from a replacement of the electric heater (the entire piece, not just the element). I was told the blower relay needed to be replaced too. So I did it. But it didn’t solve the problem. My thermostat is at the “auto” position. To be sure, I also used another (same brand) thermostat, but the problem remains the same. The replacement of the heater and the blower relay was in last winter (2004/05). Since then, I have to manually stop the fan when it is at the heating season. However, last summer, when the Air conditioning was running, the thermostat could control the fan. If this is the blower relay’s problem, is there anyway to check the relay? When the old blower relay was replaced, I was told it was a blower relay stuck, but the replacement did not solve the problem! I start to think this maybe a problem of the setting of the heater. Thank you in advance! Replies: acefurnacefixer “Re(1):Blower won’t stop! – another relay stuc” , posted Wed 5 Apr 06:53 ______________________________________________________________________ Furnace make, model and serial number would be a big help here. Yes! I CAN fix that! Excuse my spelling……I am paid to fix it not spell it. Credentials: Epa certification Certified Master technician Specialized training by Lennox Trane American Standard Carrier Honeywell and Whiterogers. Certified By Trac-pipe. 410A certified by Lennox rock28 “Re(2):Blower won’t stop! – another relay stuc” , posted Wed 5 Apr 22:03 ______________________________________________________________________ The furnace is KeepRite. The blower model number is BCM036XKB2. Its series number is L920236959. The heater model number BEA15D2500, this is the heater number printed outside the furnace. I don’t know the current model number which was replaced in Nov. 2004. That is why I have doubt about it. Is there any web site we can check? Thank you!