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10:36 ______________________________________________________________________ Induced draft furnaces have a vent saftey switch that should open at? 80f 100f 120f 140f The maximum static pressure on a typical gas furnace blower system is? .1-.2″wc .2-.3″wc .4-.5″wc .6-1.0″wc Carbon monoxide is dangerous wat percentage CO is acceptable in a sample of the flue gas? 1.8% 1.0% .20% .04% The national ELectric code classification for thermostat wire is? NEC class 1 NEC class 2 NEC class A NEC class B Redundant gas vlaves used on a gas furnace will shutdown if gas pressure exceeds? 30.5″wc 60.5″wc 10.5″wc 13.5″ wc A technican needs tyo run thermostat wire 75ft to avoid a voltage drop the tech should use? 16awg 18awg 20awg 22awg These r the last of the problems i promise again if anyone could shed any lite on the questions itd be most appreciated Dan Reeves Replies: