______________________________________________________________________ I HAVE A 13 SEER GOODMAN HEAT PUMP WITH A 3TON AIR HANDLER WITH A 20KW HEAT STRIP I HOOKED UP AN OT 18/60 EM.HEAT RELAY .THIS IS HEATING 2100 SQ FT IT DOES A PRETTY GOOD JOB . MY QUESTION IS I NOTICED SOME ICE BUILD UP AROUND THE COMPRESSOR IS THIS NORMAL? I ALSO NOTICED THAT AROUND 28 DEGREES IT DOES GO THROUGH A DEFROST MODE .I HAD A FUEL OIL SETUP FOR 20 YRS MAYBE IM OVER CONCERNED. AS IT WARMED UP AND IT DID MELT OFF. THE LAST TWO DAYS IT HAS BEEN IN THE 20’S AND THE COMPRESSOR HAS A LITTLE ICE BUILD UP AROUND THE BOTTOM AGAIN IS THIS THE WAY IS TO OPERATE? Replies: Archangel “Re(1):ICE BUILD UP ON HEAT PUMP COMPRESSOR” , posted Wed 11 Jan 11:46 ______________________________________________________________________ The outside unit may need to have the coils cleaned and not with just a garden hose. I use a coil gun and special cleaner that I buy from the wholesale house to do those kind of jobs. And yes also the refrigerant maybe low too. BTW 20KW strip heat, I’m sure it does one heck of a job heating the house up when them bad boys kick in and I’m sure the power meter wheel outside gets real blurry to, due to its fast rotation. LOL Assistant Trades Supervisor HVAC 17 years exp. Licensed bauerfam06 “Re(2):ICE BUILD UP ON HEAT PUMP COMPRESSOR” , posted Wed 11 Jan 19:26 ______________________________________________________________________ I said I had ice building up on the compressor ,But it is actually building up a little on the accumulator . As it defrosts the water runs down the accumulator and starts to build up .IS THIS NORMAL? the 20 kw strip does a great job of heating the house but it does use approx. 1000-1200 more kw’s on the old electic bill . randell24 “Re(1):ICE BUILD UP ON HEAT PUMP COMPRESSOR” , posted Sat 7 Jan 18:28 ______________________________________________________________________ yes. it is set to go into defrost every 30, 60, or 90 minutes depending on the setting on the defrost board. If the ice is constant and immediate, the refrigerant charge may be low. I have a mobile communicator.