Carrier 58PAV111-16

______________________________________________________________________ I am getting a code 31 on the LED. When I reset it, the inducer motor starts briefly, but then stops before the ignitor starts. It seems like the inducer motor works, so I am thinking its the start capacitor. Anything else I should check…anyway to verify if it is the capacitor, or the inducer motor? Thanks for your help. Replies: hq4ever “Re(1):Carrier 58PAV111-16” , posted Thu 9 Jun 14:49 ______________________________________________________________________ I have the same furnance with the same problem. Unfortunately, you need a new control board. The original board had a problem with some resistors heating up and some bad solder connections causing the inducer motor to stop before ignition. Carrier actually recalled the board several years ago for this problem, and paid for the replacement. However, I think that has ended. Since I wasn’t the owner when this was recalled, I had to pay to replace the board a few years ago. The new (redesigned) board has worked fine every since. PIPEDOPE “Re(1):Carrier 58PAV111-16” , posted Mon 21 Mar 13:42 ______________________________________________________________________ Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Carrier 58PAV111-16” , posted Wed 16 Mar 20:18 ______________________________________________________________________ Does the motor stay powered? if not it may be the relay or your thermostat needs new batteries. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. huskydogg “Re(2):Carrier 58PAV111-16” , posted Mon 12 Jun 18:54 ______________________________________________________________________ I have the same furnace and the inducer motor will run, but nothing will ignite. We replaced the limit switch as this was once the issue, but it has made no change. My LED just blinks on and off slowly.