Bryant Unit Heater Question

______________________________________________________________________ I recently purchased a used Bryant unit heater Model 75-342 (LP gas – 75K BTU input) from a neighgbor. It had been out of service and stored in a rather damp environment for an extended period of time. After some disassembly and cleaning I have got it working but I have a couple of questions: 1) The unit is equipped with a standing pilot and two gas valves. The first valve is a conventional Robertshaw manual pilot valve with three postions and a themocouple maintained pilot port. The second valve is a Bryant 24V solenoid operated valve + regulator, Model 1/2A641. In addition to the main burner output this valve has a 1/8″ tube output line that runs to the pilot burner. What is the function of this connection? The nozzle (pilot) end of this tube shows considerable corrosion and I question whether it is operating properly although the main burners light nicely. 2) In addition to (1) the pilot is rather hard to light and I was considering replacing it with a new unit. Anyone know where I might obtain a service/owners manual for this unit, or any other source of part numbers. Thanks, Dan Replies: