siegler gas heater wall unit won’t stay lit

14:45 ______________________________________________________________________ my boyfriend just bought an old 2 story home with central heating and air, except to the 2nd story where we sleep. instead, the room has a siegler wall unit gas heater, model #SW30-2-C. we’ve been having probs with keeping it lit- we can get the pilot to light, then we’ll turn on the gas and it’ll burn for about 1-5 minutes until it makes a clicking noise and turns off. we thought it was maybe the regulator (we thought that’s what this copper rod that’s attached with a long copper cord was) so we’ve tried moving that around to no avail. also, i read that perhaps the prob is with the pilot light as it is burning a bit yellow and this could mean that the pilot air feed needs to be cleaned. also read it could be the themo-coupler but i read that siegler is out of business and it’s virtually impossible to get new parts. my question: the local gas company charges $100 for a “furnace tune-up”. should we bother with them, call another service person (will they be cheaper?), buy a new gas heater, or work on getting the duct work put in place to extend the central heating to the second floor? gfriend Replies: Mastertech “Re(1):siegler gas heater wall unit won’t stay” , posted Mon 29 Nov 16:19 ______________________________________________________________________ First i think wall heaters are dangerous. I would pay a tech to look at it(I bet its the generator, kinda like a thermal couple). Price really depends on where you are located. I would do the ducts or even put in a central heating and cooling system for up stairs only.(there is such a big difference between floors that if u plan on staying there for 6 years or more put a new unit in)