Bryant Overhead Shop Heater problem…..

______________________________________________________________________ Bought a used but like new Bryant SHop heater. Model 30-341, series B 48U, serial # 57540, 24,000 btu output, Natural gas. Very clean and no rust anywhere. Has a standing pilot and 120v fan, simple basic unit. Has 24v main gas valve and I would guess a high limit sensor at the upper rear of the heat chamber at the top of the heat tubes. These are the only two electrical things on the the heater. The heater isn’t but 16w x 26h x 24d. The problem is the heater lights, fan comes on, doesn’t seem to produce much heat when you hold your hand right at the front. The flame looks great. After 3-4 minutes the flame shuts off for a couple of minutes then it comes back on. Is there a problem with a heat senser? I have a 25,000 btu heater you put on the floor and hook to propane tank and puts out way more heat. Thanks, funtwohunt Replies: xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Bryant Overhead Shop Heater problem….” , posted Thu 11 Nov 17:16 ______________________________________________________________________ What’s the manifold gas pressure? is it set acording to the name plate? Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. Hube “Re(1):Bryant Overhead Shop Heater problem….” , posted Thu 11 Nov 10:14 ______________________________________________________________________ This could be either a faulty fan/limit control, or a improper setting in this control. Set it for 135 on, 95 off, and high limit at 180 or less.