Amana fan won’t shut off

______________________________________________________________________ Until a week ago my air conditioning would meet its temperture level, the compressor would shut off and the furnace fan would run for a few seconds and shut off. Now the compressor shuts off but the furnace fan keeps on running. The batteries in my thermostat seem to be OK although they are not new. Any ideas on what to check? Thanks!! Replies: mastertech “Re(1):Amana fan won’t shut off” , posted Sun 5 Sep 12:59 ______________________________________________________________________ how old is the unit. is it gas or electric heat. If it is some what new check the codes(flashing light by the blower). A quick way to check T-stat is to remove all control wires(write them down) from heater control board and turn power back on does the fan come back on. REKarabees “Re(2):Amana fan won’t shut off” , posted Sun 5 Sep 16:58 ______________________________________________________________________ Furnace/Air system is fourteen years old. Furnace is an Amana Air Command Hi Efficency 90 Gas Furnace. The A/C unit is also an Amana. Thermostat is a White-Rodgers Digital Comfort Set II. There do not appear to be flashing lights by the blower. I replaced the thermostat batteries with fresh ones without any result. When you say remove all control wires, are you referring to the four colored thermostat wires? I presume the heater control board is the circuit board inside the thermostat. Thanks! Mastertech “Re(3):Amana fan won’t shut off” , posted Sun 5 Sep 17:02 ______________________________________________________________________ The control board is in the furnace next to the blower. I u remove the wires at t-stat its not the best check, the best check is to remove wires at the furnace. Mastertech “Re(4):Amana fan won’t shut off” , posted Sun 5 Sep 19:38 ______________________________________________________________________ Now we know the problems at the unit(furnace). Check all limits. Make sure the limits are not tripped. If u got an ohms meter with the power off put a lead on each side of the limits. If there is contunity between them then i say board most likely bad. Time to call a Tech. REKarabees “Re(4):Amana fan won’t shut off” , posted Sun 5 Sep 19:08 ______________________________________________________________________ Removed four wires, restored current, and fan continued to operate. Thanks for your help!