Trane Air Conditioner

______________________________________________________________________ My Trane model BTD736A100D0 keeps tripping the 30A circuit breakers on startup. I replaced the breaker. It runs after I reset them but then when it shuts down its a flip of the coin the next time if the breaker is tripped on startup. What is this a symptom of? I bought the home in 1992 and the Unit was already here. [this message was edited by phurley on Sat 28 Aug 20:28] Replies: The Troll “Re(1):Trane Air Conditioner” , posted Sun 29 Aug 20:02 ______________________________________________________________________ A BTD series??? Your compressor is dying of old age, friend. Get ready to replace it. Nothing is going to keep that horse trotting any longer……. The Prisoner Of Christ mastertech “Re(1):Trane Air Conditioner” , posted Sat 28 Aug 21:43 ______________________________________________________________________ Sounds like the Hard start device is defictive. Assuming that the outside coil and the filter are clean. There is a start relay(potential relay) and start capacitor. Most likey one of those went out. Some times u can look at the start cap. and see if it is leaking fluids. Mastertech “Re(2):Trane Air Conditioner” , posted Mon 30 Aug 15:28 ______________________________________________________________________ To Mareng Trane’s Part # is RLY1014 They said is a weird relay? Good luck mareng “Re(2):Trane Air Conditioner” , posted Mon 30 Aug 10:19 ______________________________________________________________________ Hi Mastertech, my problem is also in the blower motor area. We have a Trane Downflow Gas furnace Model number BLD108F948B1. The fan (blower) does not start. No voltage is going to the motor and it appears that the relay is not operating. I have a replacement parts list and I believe the catalog part number I require is: WX24X31. I have been searching around the internet for this part and I’m unable to find anything. Has this part been supersceded by a new part number? Do you know of another unit with the same ratings etc. can be used?