Lennox HS18-311 Compressor problem?

______________________________________________________________________ My A/C has been acting up for the past few weeks. Here are the symptoms. Indoor temp is set 10 > degrees below outside temp. 1)A few weeks ago the fan would not start. I removed the panel and reset the on unit fuse. The unit would start and all was well. 2) Had to reset the unit again last night, the unit ran fine until this afternoon. Fuse again. 3) Reset the fuse again tonight and fan started but the air is no longer cool. I checked the output line and the temp is not cool at all. Also, the air discharge from the fan is also cool. Usually the air is pretty warm. I checked the lines to see if they were frozen inside but they are not even cool. Usually when the unit starts I could hear the compressor and fan labor to get started but now the fan kicks on easily. Ideas? The fuse was tripping on the unit and now the compressor doesn’t seem to start, just the fan. Kernespa Replies: matt2d “Re(1):Lennox HS18-311 Compressor problem?” , posted Sat 28 Aug 19:07 ______________________________________________________________________ it sounds like your compressor is not running. if you have the proper tools, check the compressor side of the capacitor. also, if your system is low on freon, your compressor could be overheating. you should probably have a pro check the system out kernespa “Re(2):Lennox HS18-311 Compressor problem?” , posted Sat 28 Aug 19:42: ______________________________________________________________________ I measured after the capacitor. When I switch the unit on it never gets above 240v and stays. Never above 240. Doesn’t seem like the cap is adding any extra volts upon startup. This was observed on both the red and yellow wires leading to the compressor. Kernespa [this message was edited by kernespa on Sat 28 Aug 20:00] Mastertech “Re(1):Lennox HS18-311 Compressor problem?” , posted Sat 28 Aug 17:18 ______________________________________________________________________ Well it sounds like u were freezing before and it would free spin the blower motor which in turn would over amp fuse. Now it soulds like the compressor is off due to overload(tripped break, bad compressor, low pressure tripped, Etc). Does the outside condenser fan run? kernespa “Re(2):Lennox HS18-311 Compressor problem?” , posted Sat 28 Aug 18:08 ______________________________________________________________________ The fan runs but I didn’t hear anything else. So I just took the shroud and fan off and tried running it again. I can hear the compressor hum for a two seconds then it then nothing. The unit has been off all day I just tried it now. Kernespa xenos Webmaster “Re(3):Lennox HS18-311 Compressor problem?” , posted Sun 29 Aug 13:19 ______________________________________________________________________ Sounds like it’s seized. I would recommend you try a supper boost before replacing it. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it.