Rheem furnace won’t start

______________________________________________________________________ Rheem RGDD-06NC-ER furnace – the gas valve clicks on, the gas starts flowing to the pilot, the ignitor does not click on, and the gas valve shuts back off. It tries over and over. The gas valve was replaced this summer – it was leaking. The ignitor was replaced too. There’s a buzzing sound (new I think) coming from the small transformer on the left side of the control compartment. Any ideas? Bad transformer or module? Thanks Replies: lacruiser “Re(1):Rheem furnace won’t start” , posted Fri 4 Jan 15:08 ______________________________________________________________________ Can someone tell me where I can find a repair manual for this furnace? Mine is doing almost the same thing as the original posters unit is doing, it will click and go crazy clicking on and off. I can hear the burner firing up, then it immediately clicks and goes off again. I need a manual to find out where the various sensors are located, as well as the testing procedure. thanks shank “Re(1):Rheem furnace won’t start” , posted Wed 7 Dec 19:52 ______________________________________________________________________ is the ignitor plugged in? is it spark, or hotsurface? Tinmantu “Re(1):Rheem furnace won’t start” , posted Tue 6 Dec 22:23 ______________________________________________________________________ No easy answer…time to break out the trusty voltmeter and start eleminating things.