Janitrol Blower Drawing Current

13:36 ______________________________________________________________________ I have a Janitrol unit GMP075-4 that has a problem with the blower. The blower will not come on, but with thermostat on or off, the unit sounds like it is trying to run. When I pull off the door, the sound stops unless I push in the door switch. The schematic was in the squirrel cage and it was warm in there when I pulled it out. The fan spins by hand, but doesn’t start up. My electric bill has doubled over the last few months and I think this is it. Any ideas on what to replace? Thanks Please Help! Replies: aircooled “Re(1):Janitrol Blower Drawing Current, but No” , posted Fri 25 Nov 16:50 ______________________________________________________________________ Goodman/Janitrol GMP075-4 Part numbers for motor & capacitor Motor-B13400-20 Capacitor-B9456-52 aircooled “Re(1):Janitrol Blower Drawing Current, but No” , posted Fri 25 Nov 16:48 ______________________________________________________________________ Freon “Re(1):Janitrol Blower Drawing Current, but No” , posted Fri 25 Nov 13:53 ______________________________________________________________________ Do not operate the furnace until you get the blower running. From your description I am assuming there’s proper power to the motor. Just be sure the hum you hear is from the motor and not the transformer. To be sure, with the furnace turned off, open the blower door cover. Now turn on the power. Go to the blower compartment and press the door switch listening carefully. If you’re certain it’s the motor making the hum, go back and turn off the power and now try and smell the end of the blower motor. Does it smell like oil or like something has burnt? If the smell is inconclusive, you might try a new capacitor. Be sure it’s exactly the same value as what is there now. If there’s a smell of burnt material at the motor, the motor may be bad but I’d still start with the capacitor. cyork “Re(2):Janitrol Blower Drawing Current, but No” , posted Sat 26 Nov 12:49 ______________________________________________________________________ What does the capacitor do? Also, if the wall thermostat is off why would the unit make the noise each time I press the door switch on the unit? I would have thought that it would be off. Thanks Please Help! Freon “Re(3):Janitrol Blower Drawing Current, but No” , posted Sat 26 Nov 13:00: ______________________________________________________________________ A capacitor shifts phases in the electricity that’s in your motor causing a torque on the armature. Every motor is specifically designed to work with a particular capacitor. You can read the capacitance and rated voltage right off the capacitor and get a replacement at any HVAC supply place. Take the capacitor with you if you’re uncertain of what you’re reading but write down exactly how it was wired to the motor before removing. The door switch is usually right after the main on/off switch and it also is switching 120 volts. So when you play with the door switch, you’re interrupting the furnace’s electronics including the 24 volt transformer that usually makes a hum. [this message was edited by Freon on Sat 26 Nov 13:02] cyork “Re(4):Janitrol Blower Drawing Current, but No” , posted Sat 3 Dec 20:42 ______________________________________________________________________ That did the job. I replaced the cap at $10 and everything is up and running. Thanks for the help. I thought for sure I would be buying a motor for a couple hundred dollars. Sincerely, Chuck Please Help! cyork “Re(4):Janitrol Blower Drawing Current, but No” , posted Sat 26 Nov 13:49 ______________________________________________________________________ My first sign of trouble was a few months ago when a breaker tripped. I reset the breaker and the AC (at the time) worked fine for about 2 months. The blower stopped working just recently. I can’t understand how the capacitor would be related to this problem, but it sounds like the least expensive thing to try first. Also, this summer we had a new AC unit (outside) installed as well that uses this blower. Please Help!