Rheem contactor failure

______________________________________________________________________ I have a rheem heat pump that has had the contactor fail 4 times in the last 6 months or so. When I install a new one the voltages appear to be fine (24VAC) and the unit will run for a few weeks and then start to have problems. Not sure what to do? Thanks Replies: Freon “Re(1):Rheem contactor failure” , posted Wed 16 Nov 13:15 ______________________________________________________________________ How did the contactor fail? Did the 24 volt coil die or did the contactor points weld closed? When was the condenser unit installed? Did you have any HVAC work done around 6 months ago? sclifton “Re(2):Rheem contactor failure” , posted Wed 16 Nov 14:25 ______________________________________________________________________ The contactor coil failed. Normally what has happened is the thermostat will call for unit to turn on but it will not. Usally it begins as an intermittent problem that after some probing around will correct itself I have never been able to pinpoint the actual cause. With the most recent failure the contacts had no signs of being burnt due to arc. The only service work I have had done was the coil being replaced. I believe the unit was installed in 1993 but I have only owned the house the last two years. It is an all electric heat pump and as I have realized recently the emergency heat is not working either, but I believe I will tackle that after I fix this problem. Thanks Freon “Re(3):Rheem contactor failure” , posted Wed 16 Nov 16:49 ______________________________________________________________________ I’m sure you verified 24 volts at the contactor coil after it failed. Did you also check continuity of the coil at the coil leads after you removed the contactor? Are you using the correct contactor? Most contactor coils are difficult to burn out unless there’s a voltage surge causing excessive current flow… still thinking.