Carrier 58SX 3 wire pilot

______________________________________________________________________ My issue seems to be with what one local service company is calling my 3 wire pilot. Symptoms: The temp drops in the house, and the thermostat will call for heat, no issue there. The high efficiency exhaust fan runs for about 30 seconds and the pilot will light with no issue. Once the pilot is on for another 30 seconds or so, gas is added to fire up the burners. Nice looking blue flames, all looks well until (I believe) you hear a click, the burners burn down (where the gas is shut off) and it kind of comes back on, then off then on… Sometimes this happens to the point of the system shutting down until manually restarted in the morning. 🙂 Seemed to me that what ever is supposed to be sensing the flame isn’t doing it’s job to well. (3 wire pilot, I’m told) I thought a good cleaning would take care of this. The service company told me that this is NOT a cleanable part and it would need replaced. He also added that this is not an easy task as much of what is inside needs disassembled to get to the problem, replacement then reassembly. I’m wondering what all of you think. Replies: moondog “Re(1):Carrier 58SX 3 wire pilot” , posted Mon 14 Nov 22:05 ______________________________________________________________________ I’m wondering why you didn’t have this service company replace this part. I have replaced a lot of these. Some last for years and others fail after only a few years. The wire connections get broken when trying to remove to clean them. (Also I have disassembled and cleaned them, even the flame sensor strip but this is not the best cure. I have found many a pilot oriface that is plugged and making the flame smaller than it should be too. They are not easy to get at and usually on a carrier many screws have to be removed. Time consuming. Get it replaced and be done with it. Get the gas manifold pressure tested at the same time and the blower checked. In other words, a tune up and pay the couple hundred and have heat. grnsl2 “Re(2):Carrier 58SX 3 wire pilot” , posted Tue 15 Nov 08:41 ______________________________________________________________________ I think the biggest reason that I didn’t get it replaced was cost. If I remember it was going to be over 500 for just that part. The exhaust blower is pretty warm to the touch. I was told that needs replaced too. True statement? That project looks pretty simple. Reasons for not replacing? A. I might be able to do something like that myself B. There may be another service company that could do it for less (seemed to pricey and pushy at the time) C. Furnace replacement for another few hundred… When replacing it, is there much dis-assembly of the gas line leading to the burners? Looks like there would have to be. mbk3 “Re(1):Carrier 58SX 3 wire pilot” , posted Mon 14 Nov 16:29: ______________________________________________________________________ The 3 wire pilot is serviceable to some extent. Pull the orifice and clean inside pilot body,also make sure orifice is notrestricted. Orifice may be cleared NOT resized. Typically not enough flame impinges on bi-metal strip. The switch portion is not field serviceable. [this message was edited by mbk3 on Mon 14 Nov 17:51] mbk3 “Re(2):Carrier 58SX 3 wire pilot” , posted Tue 15 Nov 11:08: ______________________________________________________________________ $500 for the part? Time to shop around. I know they have become expensive, but not that price I’ve cleaned hundreds(+-) over the years [this message was edited by mbk3 on Tue 15 Nov 11:10] grnsl2 “Re(3):Carrier 58SX 3 wire pilot” , posted Tue 15 Nov 17:50 ______________________________________________________________________ So I guess the biggest question is what’s the best way to get to the component? I saw that the bottom of the housing comes off maybe making it easier to get to the piece. Thoughts?