Lennox Pilot Light out – Need directions

______________________________________________________________________ Hello I have a Lennox G10, the pilot light went out and there are no instructions on how to light it on the Furnace. I know this is easy Thank you d Replies: moondog “Re(1):Lennox Pilot Light out – Need direction” , posted Fri 11 Nov 06:22 ______________________________________________________________________ First turn the thermostat to the off position and make sure you don’t have a strong smell of gas at the appliance. Normally the gas valve will have an on, off, and pilot setting on a knob. Check that no gas is present in the unit and turn the knob on the gas valve to pilot and push down on that knob. Use a match tied to a long pencil or a bbq lighter and lite the pilot located near a burner. (follow the small pilot tube coming from the gas valve). When it lites, keep holding down the knob for a minute. Release it and turn it to on. It should stay lit. Then turn the tstat to heat and set it about five degrees or more above the room temperature. The burners should lite if you have the knob in the on position and the pilot stayed lit. If not, you have done about all you can do.