Duo-Therm Furnace blower won’t shut off

______________________________________________________________________ Please Help!! I have a Duo-Therm heater in my Mobile home. At first, there was no heat coming out, so I replaced the thermostat with one made by Hunter. There were only two wires (red & white) to hook up. Now I get heat, but it won’t shut off. I have to turn it on & off at the circuit breaker.I don’t know if it would shut off before replacing the thermostat, as I just moved in. I’ve been told that there should be 4-6 wires to the thermostat, but I can only find the two. Linda Replies: fireweaver67 “Re(1):Duo-Therm Furnace blower won’t shut off” , posted Mon 31 Oct 06:16 ______________________________________________________________________ Make sure that the wires aren’t touching each other within the T-stat. I AM CANADIAN………EH!!!