Singer Furnace

______________________________________________________________________ i just bought a 2 flat in Chicago. in one of the units is a Singer furnace, that by the last 2 digits of the serial number appears to be from 1995, but it looks much older. I read online that: SINGER: In 1982 became climate control unit of SnyderGeneral Corp. with name dropped. In 1984 SnyderGeneral operations included Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, McQuay. In 1988 SynderGeneral bought American Air Filter. In 1991, sold Arcoaire & Comfortmaker to Inter-City Products. Were furnaces with the name Singer on them produced after 1982? Were they produced up until 1995? The model # is GB1504 12B Claims 100K/80K which i think means it’s 80% efficient. I’m basically trying to figure out if i should replace or service this thing. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks ryan ryan Replies: destinktive “Re(1):Singer Furnace” , posted Mon 9 Apr 20:17 ______________________________________________________________________ An 80% furnace usually is vented into a chimney. If you are planning to stay in the property for several years and have natural gas, look into 94% furnaces. These furnaces can be vented with PVC pipe and are installed with outside combustion air to achieve the rating. I’ve run a Carrier of this type without any repairs for 12 years. All major national manufac. offer great warranties. I’ve seen teriffic warranties offered by Maytag on their new heating and a/c lines. With all fossil fuel heating equipment- buy a CO detector to protect you and your family. Mech 28 yrs experience. MasterTech “Re(1):Singer Furnace” , posted Wed 19 Oct 15:03 ______________________________________________________________________ 1970-75, 100K BTUH. No info on FLUE rating. fireweaver67 “Re(1):Singer Furnace” , posted Wed 19 Oct 13:54: ______________________________________________________________________ The date of manufacturing is coded within the serial # so that would save us some time,but no the last 2#. Also ICP might have cross-over parts for that unit but I’d have it serviced first. That way the tech can determine if the furnace is still usable to begin with. I AM CANADIAN………EH!!! [this message was edited by fireweaver67 on Wed 19 Oct 13:57] ryanlodge “Re(2):Singer Furnace” , posted Wed 19 Oct 17:59 ______________________________________________________________________ I’ll update w/serial number tomorrow. THANKS for the input thus far. Ryan ryan tinner73 “Re(3):Singer Furnace” , posted Wed 19 Oct 19:14 ______________________________________________________________________ Looks like 1975 model 100,000 BTU 62.9% efficient. if you want to change them out, i do alot of work in the city. e-mail me with any questions. union trained in Chicago ryanlodge “Re(4):Singer Furnace” , posted Thu 20 Oct 10:53 ______________________________________________________________________ i had another HVAC guy tell me 1975 also, so i think we’re nailing it. so the 100K input/80K bonnet doesn’t mean 80% efficiency? the HVAC guy i had out to look at it said it does. The info i’m getting from you guys and online is more in sync with what i thought from appearance. THanks for all of the help. Ryan ryan