Heat not working

______________________________________________________________________ Hi. I’m currently enrolled in an HVAC course and have so far gained a general knowledge of the electrical portion of heating and air conditioning. I have a Lennox G11Q3-110 gas furnace/electric air conditioning unit. The air conditioning appears to work fine, but when i set it to heat it only blows cold air. When I set it to auto, the blower just never kicks on. It doesn’t seem as though I’m getting any gas through the valve, but the pilot light is on, and I’m not entirely sure where to start. If I could get some step-by-step directions, I think I could probably figure out what to do, unless this actually isn’t an electrical problem at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because it’s pretty damn cold in here :(. Thanks. Replies: HVAC_Student88 “Re(3):Heat not working” , posted Sun 9 Oct 21:41 ______________________________________________________________________ OK, I figured out how to check that and it was, in fact, in the “on ” position. Now what? fireweaver67 “Re(1):Heat not working” , posted Sun 9 Oct 09:44 ______________________________________________________________________ Well, first I’d look to see if the gas valve was in the on position and not the pilot position. When the T-Stat is in the auto position, the fan won’t come on until the heat exchanger heats up enough and then the fan will come on. I AM CANADIAN………EH!!! HVAC_Student88 “Re(2):Heat not working” , posted Sun 9 Oct 09:52 ______________________________________________________________________ Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t. As for the gas valve, I have no idea how to check that. We don’t even discuss the heating components for another 4 months. I should have all the tools I need for whatever, though, so if you have the time… fireweaver67 “Re(3):Heat not working” , posted Sun 9 Oct 22:51: ______________________________________________________________________ This isn’t a tech tip for shop but try tapping the bottom end of the gas valve with the heavy end of a screwdriver when theres a call for heat. The solinoid may be sticking in the gas valve. I AM CANADIAN………EH!!! [this message was edited by fireweaver67 on Sun 9 Oct 22:55] HVAC_Student88 “Re(4):Heat not working” , posted Mon 10 Oct 08:54 ______________________________________________________________________ lol, thanks that did the trick. My dad didn’t believe it would be that simple, though. He’s already left to try to find our instructor and waste money on a thermocouple and a new thermostat. X_X Anyway, thanks again. fireweaver67 “Re(5):Heat not working” , posted Mon 10 Oct 09:21 ______________________________________________________________________ Well now the gas valve has stuck once it can and most probably will again so I would have the gas valve changed because Murphy’s Law states that on the coldest days is when this problem will happen again! I AM CANADIAN………EH!!!