Goodman CPKE36-1A Compressor Unit

______________________________________________________________________ My compressor quit working and its naturally very hot. I have a Goodman CPKE36-1A Compressor unit, when the air conditioner starts, the compressor unit fan hums but will not start unless you give it a push, it then slowly begins to rotate up to speed. Also I hear what sounds to be a relay (compressor??) trying to kick in but then stops. I’m an electrician by trade but I know very little about the inner workings of the compressor unit. Is there any way to check the compressor and/or associated relays before calling the repairman? Any help would be greatly appreciated Tom Replies: Banger “Re(1):Goodman CPKE36-1A Compressor Unit” , posted Wed 3 Aug 06:43 ______________________________________________________________________ sounds like a bad dual capacitor – inside the control box there is a round capacitor with three sets of grouped terminals. – look at the top & note: does it flat (good) under the terminals or is it swollen and dome shaped (bad) – even if it isn’t swelled it could still be bad – test with a capacitor (microfarad) tester and compare to the marked ratings. Also look for burnt or broken wired going from the capacitor to the contactor