Amana 80 SSE limiter switch

______________________________________________________________________ Well I am a newbie when it comes to DIY HVAC so I will need some help. My air conditioner is out right now and I’m sweltering in this Texas heat as a write this. My indoor unit turns on just fine, but somehow it is not telling the outdoor unit to turn on. So I am getting no cold air out of the vents. I thought maybe is was my pipes that froze up but I have turned it off and waited an hour and turned it back on with the same result. I also have cleaned out the drainage tube to make sure it wasn’t clogged. This happenned to me 3 weeks ago but i called a technician in who told me my filter was dirty(it hadn’t been changed out in a while) which caused no airflow and the pipes to ice up. He also told me there was a limiter switch that cut off the outside unit if the pipes froze up too bad. I don’t know why it is not working this time because I have a brand new filter in there. Can anyone tell me where this cutoff switch is? I want to disable it somehow whithout having to spend another $100 just for some guy to come out and flip a switch. Thanks, Jon Replies: TechMaster “Re(1):Amana 80 SSE limiter switch” , posted Sun 3 Jul 19:17 ______________________________________________________________________ I would look at the air handler. It could be a manual reset switch maybe mounted on the ductwork or the air handler. It might have a small black or red button that you push in to reset it. The problem is why is it tripping. You need to make sure you have proper airflow across the coil. It should be a 24 volt circuit if you wanted to bypass it for a test. Make sure there isn’t an overflow drain switch that might be shutting down the system. Keep Cool!