Lennox HS18 Series

______________________________________________________________________ I need to know what unit would replace my HS18 Series Lennox The Model number is HS18-461-3P Please let me know asap…Thanks Replies: niko851 “Re(1):Lennox HS18 Series” , posted Fri 20 May 07:07: ______________________________________________________________________ Hi there – In reality, you do not necessarily have to go with a Lennox system. As long as you know the sizing, you can get any brand you want… Accourding to the spec you posted (http://www.lennox.com/pdfs/Lennox%20Model%20and%20Serial%20Nomenclatu re.pdf), this is a series 18 and approx. 4 ton unit and it is 3 Phase power (should be – if their nomenclature specs still hold true.) They’ve done a conversion, and since your unit falls under the ‘archived’ section, I’m going off of the old data which is in the link I pasted… Hope this helps, Niko Check your circuit breaker or fuses before calling for service – it could save you $$!! [this message was edited by niko851 on Fri 20 May 07:12] TexasDimples “Re(2):Lennox HS18 Series” , posted Fri 20 May 10:18 ______________________________________________________________________ Thanks Nick0 How about the fittings… like the size of the copper tubing and the airflow. I found the HS18 Series archive manual and it shows a 460 but not 461. Wouldn’t the fittings on all the lines be the same as the 460? Oh and I did check the three breakers that are tied into the units. I had already had a jump start put on my unit about 2 years ago and so now it’s dead. lol I just can’t afford to pay 1200 – 2000 in labor, so I have a friend who’s husband, they live out of town, he’s the Maintenance Mgr for an Apt Complex. He offered to put it in… and he started asking all these questions… so I started doing research and found out everything except the sizes. Which I understand now is 3.5 Ton. The Lennox manual I found online in the Archives documents, stated everything very clearly except for that about the 461 in the middle. I guess they want to make it hard so not just anyone can replace their type units. Thanks again. niko851 “Re(3):Lennox HS18 Series” , posted Fri 20 May 11:15 ______________________________________________________________________ There’s a page for line sizing on my website under the resources tab, then education, and it’s in the first set of items under ‘refrigeration tools & info’… Site is www.hvacforumsonline.com . Hope this helps ya, Niko Check your circuit breaker or fuses before calling for service – it could save you $$!!