Wiring In-Line Duct Fan

______________________________________________________________________ Hi All: I have a Carrier 58DHB075 CC, series 100 (gas furnace + AC), and I am seeking help on how to wire a 110v in-line duct fan I installed at the other end of the house (long house… not enough circulation at the far end of the system). I would like the duct fan to turn on at the same time as the main furnace fan. My current thinking is to install a 24v relay at the duct fan for the 110v fan circuit, and wire the relay back to the furnace control panel. I have a few questions on this process: Is this the best way to accomplish my objective (I have not hear good things about pressure activated relays)? How do I wire the 24v relay at the low-voltage terminal block at the furnace? Will I create 24v load concerns if I jump on the same terminals as the furnace blower? Any recommended supplier or manufacturer for the 24v relay? Thanks for the replies…. Dave Replies: tweetie7 “Re(1):Wiring In-Line Duct Fan” , posted Wed 1 Nov 14:11 ______________________________________________________________________ I have the same furnace as you. Just bought the house and the filters are missing. What kind and size do I buy?? Can I go to a regular store to buy. Thanks for your help Lovin’ Life Freon “Re(1):Wiring In-Line Duct Fan” , posted Mon 31 Jan 21:33: ______________________________________________________________________ How big is the existing duct, how long is the run, how many 90 degree elbows and how many registers does it feed? There may be a fundamental overall system design problem that an in-line duct fan won’t help. Add up all the supply registers, multiply them by 100 and see if that number is close to the cfm of your furnace blower as shown on the blower chart for medium speed ( assumed) and 0.2 inches of water total static pressure. [this message was edited by Freon on Mon 31 Jan 21:34] ACTECH4U “Re(1):Wiring In-Line Duct Fan” , posted Sun 30 Jan 20:03 ______________________________________________________________________ HOW ABOUT PUTTING A SAIL SWITCH IN, THIS WAY EVERY TIME THE BLOWER IN THE UNIT GOES ON SO WILL THE OTHER ONE,(HEAT COOL)& IT COULD BE WIRED OFF ITS OWN POWER SOURCE. ACTECH4U