Clare Megasave I

______________________________________________________________________ We have a Clare Megasave I low boy model-HEG120A, installed in February 1985. We’ve been told-and I can verify it’s the truth as I saw the secondary heat exchanger at the time it was told to me-that this secondary heat exchanger is plugged and dirty (something that happens frequently with this model according to a posting fom early 2004 on this forum)and needs to be replaced and that none are avaialable anywhere for purchase because the company went bankrupt in 1990. The company that provides the service on this furnace (on a yearly contract for parts and labor basis)is telling us we need to replace the entire furnace. I find it hard to believe that no one is providing replacement secondary heat exchangers for this once very popular high energy furnace and that the part can’t simply be bought -either new, or from an older furnace that has recycled parts from it’s having been taken apart after removal-for a reasonable price. Any information on the accuracy of what I’m being told and whether we can purchase a secondary heat exchanger for this model of Clare Megasave to avoid our having to replace the entire furnace? If such is available , where would I buy it? Our service contract expires April 1, the furnace is running quite fine otherwise (except when the tempreture goes below -25 degrees centrigrade outside, which is what made us aware of this shortcoming) so there is no urgency to have to repair this right away. We can probably wait till the end of the service contract and replace it then, or take the name and location of where a secondary heat exchanger can be purchased and insist that the current service provider replace it, in contradiction to their assertion that it is unavailable anywhere, if in fact it is available somewhere for purchase and installationl.Thanks for your help! Newguy Replies: vapourman “Re(1):Clare Megasave I” , posted Sun 30 Jan 20:27 ______________________________________________________________________ these units become a money pit. I have tried very hard to tell owners not to spend any money on them. But usually they wont believe it. Hundreds of dollars are spent and then we return within a year or two and hundreds more need to be spent or the unit is scrapped. It will never be reliable after 20 years of service and could even poison you with a CO leak. scrap it and get a new one and save yourself some aggravation. davidb “Re(1):Clare Megasave I” , posted Thu 27 Jan 10:06 ______________________________________________________________________ I’ve just replaced the same furnace (of similar age)because certain parts were not available, in my case pressure switches and a component of the crossover between the primary and secondary heat exchangers. I tried to find parts on-line but struck out. Unfortunately my secondary heat exchanger was thrown out but you might well find someone else who could pass one on to you. I’m not sure that your service plan company would install used parts, however. Mine would not. I think most such service plan providers are glad that parts are not available because the Clare’s have been very expensive to maintain. Thanks for your help.