Wiring Honeywell T8611G thermostat

______________________________________________________________________ I currently have a Honeywell T874R1475 thermostat which controls a Rheem Heatpump Model RPKA-031JHZ with a Rheem Gas Furnance Model RGPH-07EAUER for auxilliary heat when temperature is below 40 degrees F. I would like to replace the current thermostat with a Honeywell T8611G 2002 Chronotherm IV programmable thermostat. The current thermostat has wires to the following terminals: B (blue wire) O (orange) W2 (black) Y (white) E (gray) R (red) G (green) and X (brown). The T8611G has terminals X1, C, L, X2, OT, OT, G, O/B, Y1, W1, E, W2, and R. The problem is on the old thermostat there are separate B and O wires. Which goes to the O/B terminal? and Where does the 2nd wire go? Thanks, Dan Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Wiring Honeywell T8611G thermostat” , posted Sat 22 Jan 11:45 ______________________________________________________________________ I bet B is common and not changover. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it.