Trane XE 90 LED codes

______________________________________________________________________ The LED is blinking continuosly. When the furnace was not running, the blinking was about 1 blink per second, now that it is running, the blinking is faster. But still continuos. Any idea what this could mean? Is there a list of codes for the XE 90 model? Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Trane XE 90 LED codes” , posted Sat 22 Jan 11:40 ______________________________________________________________________ What model is the furnace? i will pul up a manual. p.S. XE90 is the series. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. paul3373 “Re(2):Trane XE 90 LED codes” , posted Sat 22 Jan 12:19 ______________________________________________________________________ Model UC080C942A I believe its about 10 years old. paul3373 “Re(3):Trane XE 90 LED codes” , posted Sat 22 Jan 13:05 ______________________________________________________________________ LED is flashing 2 now. Here is a complete history, hope you can help. I’ve been having trouble with the furnace for the past few months, but it is getting much worse in the past week. The problem is one I have seen many people asking about: the furnace blower is on but the burners are out. This happened last night, I woke up this morning and it was blowing cold air. I powered it off for a while and back on. When it tried to light, only the first 2 burners would light, the 2nd two did not. The first 2 would stay lit for a few seconds, then shut off. It would try 3 times and then the blower would come on, even though the burners were still not lit. Finally, all 4 burners lit and it was working for about an hour. Now the burners are off and the blower is still going. The LED is flashing 2 now. Mastertech “Re(4):Trane XE 90 LED codes” , posted Sat 22 Jan 16:23: ______________________________________________________________________ 2 flashes is system lock out no flame. The far left burner has the flame sensor. Either clogged heater exchanger or improper gas pressure. Think Xenos ran across the problem before. Also check the burner orfice and tube for ubstruction. Worst case hole/cracked heat exchanger If u have some thing thats smokes u can check heat exchanger. Run smoke into burner section that is giving u a problem then turn on fan if smoke blows out then bad heat exchanger. [this message was edited by Mastertech on Sat 22 Jan 16:25] Gatorguy “Re(5):Trane XE 90 LED codes” , posted Sun 23 Jan 10:36 ______________________________________________________________________ First of all, the one flash/second is normal no call for heat. The rapid constant flashing is normal call for heat. Like Mastertech said, the two flash code is external lockout (furnace didn’t fire three times in row). The code list is normally on a sticker on the inside of either the top panel or the lower panel. Four things I have actually found with this problem: 1. Itsy bitsy spider web or other debris in what would be burner three in your situation (from right to left). Sometimes it gets enough gas past it to light and the flame makes it all the way to the left burner for flame sensing, sometimes it doesn’t… solution: check orifices and clean if necessary. 2. Similarly to #1, I have found a piece of tape (the kind with ‘string’ down the lenght for strength) on the INSIDE of the manifold behind the orifice which covered about 2/3 of the manifold opening where the orifice threads in. I have only ever seen one of these, but it produced the exact same problem as described above… solution: check manifold openings when you have the orifices out as in #1. 3. On the end of the in-shot burners, there are “wings” that allow the flame to travel from one burner to the next from the right to left. I have found a small amount of oil in the “wings”. Same as above, sometimes it would fire sucessfully, most of the time it wouldn’t… solution: check in shot burners and clean if necessary 4. Similarly to #3, I have found a small piece of drywall stuck in the wing blocking the flame from travelling. Don’t know how it got there, but it sure enough fouled up the firing of the furnace. Maybe this will help some.. P.S. I just found this forum this morning and it seems pretty cool. This is my first official post. 🙂