Tempstar DC90 Question

______________________________________________________________________ We have a Tempstar DC90, Model NUGM075EGA1 Gas furnace on which our pilot seems to be going out. I reset and re-start the furnace and all seems to work well again temporarily. Last time I restarted, it ran with no problems for 2 weeks before the flame died. Not knowing the first thing about HVAC, I do not know what additional information to put here. Toss me some questions so I could obtain the best help I can get. Thanks for your time and patience! Replies: aircooled “Re(1):Tempstar DC90 Question” , posted Sun 26 Dec 13:32 ______________________________________________________________________ 1)I would check to see if filter clean,could be over heating and going out on limit. 2) Then if you can turn off unit and un-plug if possible, check left side of furnace burner area you should see a porcelain and steel rod in the path of the burner.(1) wire going to this, un-plug, remove screws and clean the steel rod with steel wool and re-install it.Turn the power back on and see if the problem continues. If this did not fix the problem , then you should call a professional to check out system for your safety..