(Trane) Blower not starting with HEAT

______________________________________________________________________ Hi, I have a Trane Gas Furnace model BLU055R93681. The problem I have is the blower is not turning on when turning on heat. The motor works since it operates fine on the COLD setting, Auto and On. The pilot is lit as well. I’m hoping someone can throw a few suggestions my way before making a service call. Replies: Freon “Re(1):(Trane) Blower not starting with HEAT” , posted Sun 5 Dec 10:14 ______________________________________________________________________ If you turn the blower to ON and call for heat and your house gets warm as usual, then it seems a limit switch or relay is not working correctly. Some furnaces have a switch that tells the blower relay the heat exchanger is warm enough to start. Some have a “timer” as part of the relay that starts the blower after set time. I can’t find your model number but Trane is very good about leaving schematics with the furnace. See what you can learn about your system’s wiring. isaacr “Re(2):(Trane) Blower not starting with HEAT” , posted Sun 5 Dec 15:59: ______________________________________________________________________ Sorry. I just noticed that I left out a letter in the model. It’s BLU055E93681. Left out the E last time and added an R. My fault. It does have a schematic on one of the covers so I’ll take a look at that. [this message was edited by isaacr on Sun 5 Dec 16:01] Mastertech “Re(2):(Trane) Blower not starting with HEAT” , posted Sun 5 Dec 12:50 ______________________________________________________________________ AS Freon said but there could also be a bad winding in low speed.