Bryant Error Code 12

______________________________________________________________________ Model 350MAV036080 Unit was in lock out blink code 12. Reset power, adjusted t-stat to call for heat but inducer motor did not start. Tried two more times and inducer started but was noisy. This was 10.30 pm on Thanksgiving eve, so let it alone until normal working hours. Any where to find Bryant codes? Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Bryant Error Code 12” , posted Thu 25 Nov 23:34 ______________________________________________________________________ Code 12 means the power was just restored. However it sure sounds like you may need a new Venter motor. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. adamsha “Re(2):Bryant Error Code 12” , posted Thu 25 Nov 23:42 ______________________________________________________________________ Since it was Thanksgiving eve, did not risk checking for fan rubbing. HO has new baby and needed heat. I have gathered a lot of error codes but have nothing for Carrier or Bryant. I found it flashing 12. There was a storm, maybe power had be cycled before I arrived. Are codes posted anywhere? . JoeC “Re(3):Bryant Error Code 12” , posted Fri 26 Nov 10:39 ______________________________________________________________________ The fault code sticker is inside the units main panel on lower left side. Joe adamsha “Re(4):Bryant Error Code 12” , posted Sat 27 Nov 19:09 ______________________________________________________________________ Probably was, put it’s not there now. .