Trouble with Honeywell pilot

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Honeywell natural gas furnace model # G8Q3-90-2 manufactured in 1986. We bought the home in 2003, and the home inspector made no mention of trouble with the furnace. We have yet to have it serviced. However, in the spring of this year, on a couple of occasions, the pilot light went out. I re-lit it, and all was fine (for the time being). In March, it went out for good. I decided that the nice weather was near enough, we could get by with the gas fireplace till the fall. Well the fall is here, and its time to get it working. As far as I can tell, the pilot flame is too weak, and does not reach the tip of the thermocouple. The flame is about 1/4″ short of reaching the themrocouple tip. Is there an adjustment on the valve/meetering box that will permit the pilot to burn more vigorously, or is there a possibility that the pilot orifice is partially clogged? Thanks [this message was edited by Jaker on Mon 20 Sep 16:00] Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Trouble with Honeywell pilot” , posted Mon 20 Sep 17:44 ______________________________________________________________________ I would recomend having the furnace serviced as the thermocouple requires replacement. P.S. That model number if for a Lennox furnace. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. Jaker “Re(2):Trouble with Honeywell pilot” , posted Mon 20 Sep 18:08 ______________________________________________________________________ You are completely right, it is a Lennox. I guess I don’t understand why the thermocouple needs replaced. Its not even seeing the flame from the pilot. Is there some sort of connection between a failed thermocouple and reduced pilot flame length/height? Do you reccomend against DIYers replacing their own thermocouple? I am very mechanically inclined. Haven’t paid an auto mechanic for about 15 years. Xenos Webmaster “Re(3):Trouble with Honeywell pilot” , posted Mon 20 Sep 18:19 ______________________________________________________________________ I just assumed it was the thermocouple ( guess I should have read it better) as they require replacement every few years. If youre not getting enough pressure at the pilot, the most common culprit is the pilot orifice ( as you mentioned) or the valve its self. As far as the DYI. I have no idea who you are or what you abilities are, therefore when ever we are dealing with a gas issue its best to recommend a professional. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. Xenos Webmaster “Re(4):Trouble with Honeywell pilot” , posted Mon 20 Sep 18:21 ______________________________________________________________________ P.S Here is where you can find a document on how to adjust the pilot. if it requires it. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. Jaker “Re(5):Trouble with Honeywell pilot” , posted Tue 21 Sep 02:02: ______________________________________________________________________ Well I tried to turn up the pilot first, and that had absolutely no effect. I then proceeded to take out the pilot and thermocouple. Once I had the orfice out of the pilot, it became apparent that there was a pretty good buildup of crap on it. I cleaned it up, put it back together, and once I lit the thing again, the flame was back to its original size. The main burner now worked just fine, and I heated the house up for a little while. However, now that I’m home again, the damned thing isn’t working anymore. Tomorrow, I’m going to check it again, and probably end up changing the thermocouple. [this message was edited by Jaker on Tue 21 Sep 02:02] Jaker “Re(6):Trouble with Honeywell pilot” , posted Wed 22 Sep 15:14: ______________________________________________________________________ Well I re-lit the pilot, and let it burn for 4-5 hours, and it stayed on the whole time. However, as soon as I fired up the main burner, and let it run for a half hour, once it went out, the pilot self extinguished. I had already bought a new Honeywell thermocouple from Home Depot, so I decided to install it. With the new thermocouple installed, and the pilot lit once again, I ran the main burner once more, and things appear to be functioning normally. The pilot stays lit when the burner goes out, and the flame is normal strength. My troubles appear to have been cuased by a partially clogged pilot orifice that would not permit the flame to reach the thermocouple, and a thermocouple that was intermittant. [this message was edited by Jaker on Wed 22 Sep 15:15]