Loose wires on fan of Trane XE1000

______________________________________________________________________ While cleaning Trane unit (Model TTR036D100A) I accidently disconnected 3 wires that connect the fan to the compressor unit. I have black, brown & purple wires that I don’t know where they connect. Any suggestions on where to find this information? Owners Manual is useless. Bill Gow Replies: Mastertech “Re(1):Loose wires on fan of Trane XE1000” , posted Fri 24 Sep 15:27 ______________________________________________________________________ Black goes to black side of contactor oposite side of main power. Purple goes to capacitor side that is connected to the other side of or red side of contactor.(it says C ro Common next to terminal) Brown goes to fan side of capacitor(it says fan next to terminal) Freon “Re(1):Loose wires on fan of Trane XE1000” , posted Fri 24 Sep 11:02 ______________________________________________________________________ There should be a wiring diagram glued on the back of one of the metal panels or loose in the junction box on the condenser. However, on an XE1000 (TTR025C)diagram I have, I see the the black connecting to a black/blue that then continues to the contactor relay (T2 I believe although only T1 is labeled) The purple connects to a red wire and then continues on to the T1 terminal of the contactor. The brown wire connects to a yellow/brown and then continues to the “F” terminal on the capacitor. I can go out and physically look if you have any more questions.