Nordyne condensation problem

______________________________________________________________________ I have a major condensation problem in my split unit #E2EB-023HB 5-Ton air handler. It is not a plugged drain, the fan is pulling water off the condenser, I had to put the fan on low speed to minimize it. on med too much water gets pulled through. I cleaned the coils they were really bad. It got so bad it put a couple gallons of water on the floor. We are having about 25% humidity right now with 105 deg. outside air temps. It works fine when it isn’t humid. The water already ruined 1 blower motor. [this message was edited by dcbyers on Wed 4 Aug 17:23] Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Wed 4 Aug 22:49 ______________________________________________________________________ Clean the coil I bet it’s dirty. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. dcbyers “Re(2):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Thu 5 Aug 11:28 ______________________________________________________________________ The coil was dirty and the problem was 10 times worse, It was plugged and slimy, it was also pulling water from under the coil. I took the blower motor out protected the wiring with bath towels and used a garden hose + 409 cleaner and cleaned the coil. It is spotless. The air is even a lot cooler. I may post a picture of the condensation. It was so bad with the plugged coil it flooded my laundry room. now I only have some dripping down the side of the blower. maybe a 1/2 gallon a day. cesarin78801 “Re(1):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Wed 4 Aug 22:39 ______________________________________________________________________ install a “P” trap like home boy said or purge the main drain line it coul be clogged up. “P”TRAPS ARE USED FOR SUCK THROUGH COIL (THAT IS WHEN BLOWER MOTOR IS IN FRONT OF EVAPORATOR COIL AND SUCKS AIR THROUGH COIL INSTEAD OF BLOWING IT)BLOWER MOTOR WILL SUCK AIR THROUGH EVAPORATOR COIL BUT ALSO WILL CREATE A VACUUM IN THE MAIN DRAIN LINE AND WILL BRING LIGHT WIEGHT CONDENSATION BACK INTO THE DRAIN PAN KEEPING IT FROM DRAINING AND FILL THE DRAIN PAN FULL AND OVER FLOW IT BY INSTALLING THE P TRAP THE WATER COLLECTED IN IT WILL CAP THE VACCUM AND IT IS HEAVY ENOUGH NOT TO BE PULL UP BACK INTO THE PAN AS WATER FLOWS INTO ONE SIDE OF THE P TRAP THE OTHER SIDE OF TRAP IS LETTING WATER OUT AS IT FILLS UP. IF YOUR DRAIN PAN HAS VERY LITTLE WATER IT MEANS THAT YOUR DRAIN LINE IS NOT CLOGGED UP MORE THAN LIKELY YOU HAVE A HOLE IN THE DRAIN PAN PROBABLY VERY RUSTED ALREADY. dcbyers “Re(2):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Thu 5 Aug 11:23 ______________________________________________________________________ I am going to put a p trap regardless, you can hear it trying to suck water. My drain pan is plastic. This thing is driving me nuts. This stupid air conditioner is only 3 years old. beginner “Re(1):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Wed 4 Aug 12:00 ______________________________________________________________________ Is there a p-trap for the condensate? Is does help. dcbyers “Re(2):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Wed 4 Aug 12:07 ______________________________________________________________________ Where does it go? There is hardly any water in the pan that catches the water. How does a P trap help? I’ll try anything. beginner “Re(3):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Wed 4 Aug 13:01 ______________________________________________________________________ If there were hardly any water on the pan, P-trap is not going to help. First start with cleaning the coil. Surface cleaning will not help, you need to clean it good for air to flow thru. You can use a sprayer to clean the coil and get the dirt out from the inside. dcbyers “Re(4):Nordyne condensation problem” , posted Wed 4 Aug 13:32 ______________________________________________________________________ I took the blower motor out and used a garden hose w/409. Used a lot of towels to keep the mess to a minimum. It was clogged bad but is clean now.