Heat Pump runs then won’t run

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Coleman 3700 series Heat Pump. When I turn it off then on to cool, it works fine. When Temp is met it will shut off as normal, but when it comes back on as normal, neither the fan or the compressor runs. The blower is on and the EM HEAT light is lit on my Thermostat. If I turn it off and back on, the fan and compressor will kick in, however problem will happen again on it’s normal cycles. Any suggestions….Thanks Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Heat Pump runs then won’t run” , posted Wed 14 Jul 22:41 ______________________________________________________________________ The unit is shutting down on a safety lockout and by switching it off then back on you are reseting it. Call a local contractor and have it looked at. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it.