Lennox details

______________________________________________________________________ Hi, Can you give me details of this lennox furnace such as efficiency and around when it was made a blower power and things like that. model # G8Q3-120-1 serial # 6381D30199 thanks Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Lennox details” , posted Tue 27 Jul 20:40 ______________________________________________________________________ I cant find the efficiency however with a standing pilot I would expect it to be in the low 70s. Look at the capacity on the name plate. Subtract the Bonnet capacity from the input. This will give you the running efficiency witch will be in the 80s but during every off cycle the pilot is wasting gas. As far as the date, this furnace was manufactured in April of 81. also due to it’s age the blower would have to be upgraded if cooling was to be added. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. trickha “Re(2):Lennox details” , posted Wed 28 Jul 09:56 ______________________________________________________________________ Xenos thanks for you advise. Since his bonnet capacity is 96,000 (capacity is 120,000) his efficiency is 76% minus the pilot, when new anyway. I assume that the efficiency over the years has decreased or does it stay at about 76%? His fan sounds like it is really fighting to get up to speed (a big humming noise before it starts up) last winter so he is thinking of getting a new furnace. he is not sure what to do, although, with a new carrier mvp 58 he would get less noise (from the fan) some gas savings, some electricity savings and overall more comfort. His gas cost for heating was around $1000 last winter maybe it is worth it to take the plunge with a new system. He also keeps the thermostat low. I would appreciate your input. thanks