Is this reasonable price or i had been raped?

16:33 ______________________________________________________________________ AC went out…call ac guy…cost 320.00 to replace the contactor and capicitor…+ refill more freon…I live down south. Thanks. Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Is this reasonable price or i had been ” , posted Fri 23 Jul 16:48 ______________________________________________________________________ I would say thats quite reasonable since it can take several hours to find the refrigerant leak. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. mitbug2 “Re(2):Is this reasonable price or i had been” , posted Fri 23 Jul 17:09 ______________________________________________________________________ Xenos…thanks for reply…he fix problem in less than 1 hrs (told him unit inside run, fan (outside)not, using stick to make fan run…ran…turn ac off turn back on…fan not work…did not check for any leak…just add freon… just wondering only bottom line is he fix the problem…do not mind at all paying fair price for the job just dont want to be had… TexasTech “Re(3):Is this reasonable price or i had been” , posted Fri 23 Jul 17:14 ______________________________________________________________________ I charge $60.00 up front to come to your location and tell you what the problem(s) is/are. Contactor replacment is $125.00 Capacitor replacement is $85.00 Add refrigerant is $75.00 Total cost $345.00 The key is to quote the prices for the repair before the work is done. At that time payment arrangements can be discussed. Hourly billing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. HVAC Doc “Re(4):Is this reasonable price or i had been” , posted Fri 23 Jul 20:06 ______________________________________________________________________ Well Texas Tech, I am up there with you on rates. I am a little more on our diagnostic/trip charge as gas rates here are killing me. Hal_C “Re(4):Is this reasonable price or i had been” , posted Fri 23 Jul 17:46: ______________________________________________________________________ Were a union shop and we charge $75.00 an hour. If the compressor was running and only the fan motor was not I don’t know why he replaced your contactor when it was ok. So I would say you got ripped off for the contactor. and probably the freon. Our charge to do the same work would have been $48.00 for the contactor, $12.00 for a condenser motor run capacitor, $10.00 a lb for R22. Total parts with 2 lbs of R22 would be $80.00 + $6.20 Tax and about $75.00 for labor= a total of $161.20. Ya you got ripped off. Texas tech do you guys carry guns when you charge that much.? j/k [this message was edited by Hal_C on Fri 23 Jul 17:54] beginner “Re(5):Is this reasonable price or i had been” , posted Fri 23 Jul 18:28 ______________________________________________________________________ Tex! We in NYC is about the same rate as you. Except, the cap is a little cheaper. daddo “Re(2):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 01:13 ______________________________________________________________________ Flat rate pricing is a ripp off to the customer, but good for the companies only. I’ve been to those classes on how to “serve” the customer better and it’s all about “sell, sell , sell,”. Any unit over ten years old is no good ect.. ( I see people charged $300.00+ for a simple outdoor motor change out)! All this is fine until it is YOU that needs help and then you yourself complain how you were overcharged. I treat my customers fair and in 30 years have had no complaints and keep 90% of all my customers. Try it, it works. mitbug2 “Re(3):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 01:41 ______________________________________________________________________ Thank you all for all the input. The reason why I was question about the rate was this…The ac unit at my work place went out…only hot air…call the first guy (major company here in town) was told need replace the coil but still not guaranty may need to replace the compressor also (total 3k +). Get second opinion…second guy came…smaller company…fixed the problem without any part replacement…total cost labor and minor part (not sure what it was) cost $300.00 +…So what give? As an average Joe…if I don’t know what wrong…and need ac during the hot summer month down here…what i’m suppose to do…You all probably said get 3 estimates and go with the middle…good idea but in the summer time (peak season) you lucky if you get a call back. so i’m sol. HVAC Doc “Re(4):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 01:47 ______________________________________________________________________ Then it sounds like you paid a fair price for a guy who knew what the problem was, he fixed it, and didn’t try to steer you into buying equipment that you didn’t need. mitbug2 “Re(5):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 01:53 ______________________________________________________________________ hvac doc…yes he did fix the problem…which i stated…I also stated that I don’t mind paying for it either if it’s fair…My point is that there are crooks in every profession…as an example which I mentioned above…If you all saying this is a fair price…then I feel much better. Thanks again…May be next time I will post the problem and get a rough estimate from the people here… HVAC Doc “Re(6):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 02:08: ______________________________________________________________________ There will always be someone cheaper and someone higher. Keep in mind price does not always equal fairness. For example, your first guy might of been say $100 cheaper to do that same work. But what was the first guys motivation? Obviously not finding the source of your problem. His was to sell you a new unit. So then lets say the first guy was cheaper, is the second guy a rip off because he came out, found the exact problem and fixed it and not tried to steer you into a new unit? Sometimes you do luck out and get what you pay for. [this message was edited by HVAC Doc on Sat 24 Jul 02:09] HVAC Doc “Re(3):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 01:33 ______________________________________________________________________ I would have to disagree with that statement that flat rate is a rip off. Take your motor change out for example. Customer is left hanging in the air on how much time will it take to change it etc. trying to get a “guesstimate” on how much total it will cost them. Sometimes, everything goes smooth and you are in and out. But other times, everything that can fight you will fight you. With flat rate, there is no issue. Motor, capacitor, labor, tax all in one easy to quote price regardless if it takes 1/2 hour or 3 1/2 hours. Can a company price themselves too high with flat rate? Yes they can. Before we went to flat rate, we charted repairs of all types and the average call time for those repairs. My flat rate cost is on average what it would cost at time+materials. Do I win with preseason pricing on parts? Yes I do. Do I not have an issue because customer X gets a part for $20 and customer Y 2 months later gets the same part for $30 because customer X got theirs cheaper from preseason or sale prices and Y didn’t? Yes I do. I do agree, treating customers fair is the bottom line and something I strive for every day. beginner “Re(4):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 11:46 ______________________________________________________________________ Another factor is that here in the city, we are only allow to park the vehicle for only 1/2 hr on a comercial spot. It is not that easy to find a spot either. The ticket is $110 and you will get more if you don’t move your vehicle in another hour. Some of the jobs require to climb up 3 or more stories up. That is easy if there were elevators, most likely not. Some condenser units are mounted right next to the edge of the building. It is very dangerous to do repair. I have seemed one person failed down and broke his leg. He is lucky to be alive today. I think to be reasonable. If the job was done right and on time, then it is reasonable. TexasTech “Re(5):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 15:40 ______________________________________________________________________ Hal-C you said, “Texas tech do you guys carry guns when you charge that much.? j/k ” You see Hal the thing is I don’t “charge” the customer. I quote a price before work is done and then we have an agreement in writing. It is an AGREEMENT. In time & materials billing the slow techs would be charging more than the experienced ones……how is that fair to the consumer? In time & materials billing the experienced faster techs charge less ……how it that fair to the techs? Only the companies that hire inexperienced techs should be using T&M billing. Because only experienced guys can consistantly diagnose the problem right the first time. So either you are flat rate company or you are a loser. mitbug2 “Re(6):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 18:32 ______________________________________________________________________ TexasTech…I understand what you’re saying…That’s is your pricing system…take it or leave it (agreement or not), but why do you think of different in cost of the parts between you and Hal-C…why is it that your part cost 4-5 times more than Hal-C? Is it because you factor in the labor cost of remove and reinstall of these parts?…If cost of parts are not significantly different…then the labor cost is the reason… I wonder how long it take to remove the fan capacitor and reinstall it…to be charge $73.00 labor. ( and $78.00 on the contactor, $55.00 on the freon). Looking at these #…won’t it be cheaper to go Hal-c route??? How often we forget the one being charge are only making 5-7 $ an hours…funny is it not? TexasTech “Re(7):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sat 24 Jul 23:50: ______________________________________________________________________ mitbug, The refrigerant cost me 50 for 30 lbs. I add approx 3 lbs on average. So my cost of refrigerant is about $5.00 I can buy contactors for about $4.00 ea. Capacitors are around $11.00 each. So my parts cost is about $20.00 The reason I charge what I do is because I have best tools, the best communication system which gives you the best response time, the best training, dependable transportation, well stocked vehicle, work on weekends no extra charge, etc.. Also because I am good at what I do. I charge what I charge…..take it or leave it. If you want the best then pay top dollar. If you want to gamble on a T&M company try vegas…..your odds will be better. [this message was edited by TexasTech on Sat 24 Jul 23:53] mitbug2 “Re(8):compressor work only 15 minutes” , posted Sun 25 Jul 01:43 ______________________________________________________________________ My god!$300.00/hr for labor and professionalism. Doctors call themselves god and charge an arm and leg for a procedure. HVAC person called himself specialist and charge an arm and leg for a repair to an a/c. Eventualy, everyone will call themselve specialist in one type or another…so they can justified their greed. Yes…I do have a choice.