Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace

______________________________________________________________________ Igniter lights pilot, pilot lights burners. Sometimes burner heats sufficiently to start the blower. Other times the gas shuts for a few seconds and then pilot will re-ignite the burner…. Sometimes the burners light and turn on and off as the blower is running and still other times it works fine…. Any suggestions as to the cause/cure. Replies: MattReed “Re(1):Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace” , posted Wed 21 Feb 21:26 ______________________________________________________________________ I have this exact same furnace. Here’s what happens: The pilot turns on and heats the bi-metalic strip in the pilot assembly. This strip pushes a relay. The relay will disconnect the spark ignitor and power the main gas valve. The problem is, after time the relay gets dirty. The connection to the valve it intermittent. When the main burners turn on an in-rush of cold air will make the pressure on the relay decrease some-what and the power to the gas valve will be cut. Replaceing the pilot light/relay unit will help, but if the condition has been going on too long the gas valve solinoid will be damaged. This damage will make the condition worse as the solinoid will now draw more current. I’ve replaced my pilot/relay 4 or 5 times and the gas valve once. I’m thinking of purchasing a generic pilot sensor with a SPDT relay this time to replace the relay in the pilot unit. The stock relay says it is rated at 1A, but it is not an enclosed relay (thus the dirty relay problem). -Matt smokinjoe “Re(2):Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace” , posted Thu 22 Feb 09:01 ______________________________________________________________________ Thanks Matt… It has been a while with this question floating out there… and the furnace doing its thing… do you think that its worth a try with just replacing the pilot unit? Would also appreciate more information on the generic pilot sensor with a SPDT relay… . Thanks ! Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace” , posted Tue 16 Mar 21:07 ______________________________________________________________________ Start by sanding clean the flame sensor. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. smokinjoe “Re(2):Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace” , posted Wed 17 Mar 00:03 ______________________________________________________________________ Would you know where I can get a diagram of that particular system so that I can Identify those parts… that I should sand and or replace (pilot assembly) Thanks !! Xenos Webmaster “Re(3):Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace” , posted Wed 17 Mar 07:35 ______________________________________________________________________ email me at and I will send you the service manual. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. streeter “Re(2):Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace” , posted Tue 16 Mar 22:42 ______________________________________________________________________ Replace the pilot assemby. The only model that I know of by United that lit a pilot was the spark ignition. I checked carrier for your info but they don’t have it. They are referring to a h84 board. I don’t remeber bryants having temp sensed blower. It was always a timed operation. So, I think that part of your description is conincidental. RobC “Re(3):Carrier 58GS100-2 Furnace” , posted Sun 11 Dec 15:24 ______________________________________________________________________ I have the same issue with my Carrier 58GS100-3. My guess is that the pilot and sensor is OK. When the burner jets go out, the pilot stays lit and I do not hear the igniter clicking. The burners will intermittently come on and go off. Is there a sensor in the heat chamber that can be repaired or replaced? RobC