Furnace won’t ignite

______________________________________________________________________ We have an older Dayton Fuel Trimmer Furnace, Model #3E479. Last month we had a problem, the fan wouldn’t shut off unless I turned it off at the circuit breaker. I replaced the fan limit control switch, you’re thoughts, and it worked fine. (Saved me $$$$$$ by not having to call in a serviceman, THANKS) Now having a new problem!! Thermostat calls for heat, the fan come on, but the furnace won’t ignite.. I can shut the fan off at the thermostat, I let it sit for a bit, and turn it back on–same thing, it doesn’t ignite.. I can’t find any reset buttons on the furnace.. Any suggestions appreciated!! I’m not sure, but the exhaust blower doesn’t start when the fan comes on– could this be the problem????? Gonna Be Cold Tonight!!! [this message was edited by tonynsue on Fri 21 Nov 08:50] Replies: