ac/heating unit outside is squealing

______________________________________________________________________ my central heat & air unit outside will start making a squealing noise after it’s been on for a few minutes. Is there a quick fix for this? Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):ac/heating unit outside is squealing” , posted Wed 6 Nov 08:18 ______________________________________________________________________ Squealing ? The most common component that would result in this situation would be the fan motor. Turn off the power to the outdoor unit and look for oil ports in the motor, if there present put a couple drops of a non detergent oil in them. Depending on the age of the unit the bearings may be sealed. If you feel any left to right play in the shaft and you are inclined to do so you could remove the motor and have the bearings replaced by a local electrical motor shop. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it.