Furnace restart multiple times before blowing

13:52 ______________________________________________________________________ I have a 3 year old American Standard condensing gas furnace. Heres the problem: When there’s a call for heat to furnace, the furnace goes through its normal procedures, when it gets to ignition, the chamber ignites, but then the whole thing shuts off, and restarts. It does this at least 5 times before finally staying lit and then the the heat is blown throughout the house. Sometimes it does this so long that the thermostat drops one more degree before the thing finally works. Somtimes it does not do this at all, it just lights right away ?!? (like when the servicer came!!) The gas company has come out and checked everything twice, even switching to a new meter, even though all the gas pressures were fine. My worry is that eventually the furnace will finally quit. Also, one more possible clue, if the water heater happens to try to kick on at the same instant the furnace is acting up, the water heater locks out due to low/no gas pressure. But like I said its not the gas pressure, had that checked twice. Any help would be appreciated, already had servicer tell me theres no problem cause it worked for him, but the gas company is my witness, he saw it when he was here. Replies: yuri “Re(1):Furnace restart multiple times before b” , posted Sun 5 Oct 14:48 ______________________________________________________________________ It probably is the gas pressure regulator before the gas meter failing. I had one fail and it drove us nuts trying to find this intermittent problem. It may maintain pressure but the flow is the problem. The fact that the water heater is failing indicates to me a flow/capacity problem. Yuri tinner73 “Re(2):Furnace restart multiple times before b” , posted Sun 5 Oct 20:01: ______________________________________________________________________ is the flame sensor clean? trap clean? union trained in Chicago [this message was edited by tinner73 on Sun 5 Oct 20:02] rti “Re(3):Furnace restart multiple times before b” , posted Sun 5 Oct 21:18 ______________________________________________________________________ Will have to check the flame sensor, and pressure regulator… but was also wondering if this could be a flame rollout sensor related problem, i notice the whole chamber fill with flames upon ignition, and and then it shuts off, making this mild “dog’s sqeaky toy” noise. It then tries again and again. Also, another thing we noticed is this happens mainly at night. Thanks to all who respond!