Trane XR12

______________________________________________________________________ My ac unit TraneXR12 make a buzzing noise but it wont run, tried tripping the circuit breaker and nothing happened still same buzzing noise, the air handler is blowing air but its not cold air. Any help here? Replies: Jojo98 “Re(1):Trane XR12” , posted Mon 15 Sep 22:09 ______________________________________________________________________ Probably either a bad run cap. or compressor mechanically locked up. Buy a new capacitor, if that doesn’t work, call a Pro. chrisb “Re(2):Trane XR12” , posted Tue 16 Sep 21:57 ______________________________________________________________________ Also the fan is not running on the unit outside, dont know if it wouldnt run if the compressor is locked up hvactechin “Re(3):Trane XR12” , posted Thu 18 Sep 20:35 ______________________________________________________________________ The buzzing is probably your contactor coil that is energized. Sounds to me you need a run capacitor (dual). It needs to be checked though. Call a pro