Wiring ?: Robertshaw 9520 to 7400 Honeywell:

21:36 ______________________________________________________________________ Hello. Our 9520 died today and my husband took down the thermostat w/o looking at the wiring placement. We are trying to install our new thermostat, which is a Honeywell 7400. We have six wires. Any help or advice is appreciated. White Yellow Green Blue Orange Red Where do they go? Cherry Fleming Replies: Houston204 “Re(1):Wiring ?: Robertshaw 9520 to 7400 Honey” , posted Tue 5 Aug 01:23 ______________________________________________________________________ The safest thing to do is remove the panel to your indoor unit to verify the color = terminal combination. If you guess wrong you can damage a fuse or transformer. Is this a heatpump? The make and model of your outdoor unit can help determine this if you do not know. Pictures can be posted on this site using www.photobucket.com upload your pics, left click the IMG Code and right click and paste on your post. “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first.