Trane XE78 issue

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Trane XE78 model TDD080C936A that does not ignite on the first attempt. When the furnace gets a signal to light, the igniter glows, the furnace ignites for about one or two seconds and goes out. After sixty seconds it repeats and the burner ignites with no issues. This happens each time the furnace attempts to start. During the process, the controller flashes in normal mode. No two, three or four flashes. The light is a steady repeating rate throughout the entire running process. The furnace has been cleaned and burns checked out ok. Flame sensor has also been replaced. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks Parbs Replies: acefurnacefxr “Re(1):Trane XE78 issue” , posted Tue 22 Jan 16:24 ______________________________________________________________________ voltages? HVAC REPAIR IS NOT A DIY WEEKEND PRODJECT I have been performing HVAC repairs for 23 years parbs “Re(2):Trane XE78 issue” , posted Tue 22 Jan 20:20: ______________________________________________________________________ Standard 115/1/60 volts/ph/hz 8.5amps Valve-24v 60hz Parbs [this message was edited by parbs on Wed 23 Jan 06:21]